Lipoma Removal


LipomaA lipoma is a benign fatty tumor with round lump appearance under the skin, ranging from pea-sized to as big as an egg. They are soft and slowly grow in the layer of fatty tissue beneath the skin, usually on the chest, back, shoulders, neck, and upper arms and thighs.

Lipoma The exact cause is unclear, but tendency to develop multiple lipomas is hereditary. Most people develop them after the age of 40, and women tend to get them more.

Most lipomas don't hurt, but there is a rare type that does called an angiolipoma. Dercum's Disease, a rare hereditary condition, usually has many painful fast-growing lipomas that reappear after removal.




Surgical excision is preferable way to remove the large lipoma. Using local anesthesia, a small incision will be made to remove the fatty tissue deposit, and some doctors even use liposuction. Small lipoma can be observed if they're not growing or causing any discomfort.