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Skin Cryotherapy

Skin cryotherapy is a simple, efficient, and effective treatment used to remove a wide variety of skin lesions or growths. The process kills unwanted skin growth by directly applying liquid nitrogen to the skin.

Benign Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is an easy procedure with no blood, stitches, or scarring. This technique usually requires fewer office visits for follow-up than other surgical removal procedures. Also, infection rates may be lower with cryotherapy.

What are some of the skin growths that can be treated with cryotherapy?

Most types of warts can be treated by cryotherapy, as well as precancerous, sun-damaged skin areas like AKs. This procedure works on many benign, or noncancerous, skin growths and even on certain skin cancers.

What complications can develop after this procedure?

Cryotherapy can cause permanent lightening of the skin. Nerves below the treated area can be damaged, leading to short-term or permanent numbness. Skin with reduced blood supply can develop a sore or an exaggerated response to the treatment. However, excessive scarring or infection is uncommon after cryotherapy.

Will I feel pain during or after the procedure?

Most people feel a burning sensation during the procedure similar to that of an ice cube stuck to the skin. Most adults can tolerate the feeling, although some young children may experience more discomfort.

How many times treatment do I need?

It depends on the nature of skin growths and how extensive skin lesions you have. Typically you need 2-6 times treatments.