Procedure Clinic in Minneapolis and St Paul


The One Stop Medical Center is the first specialized procedure clinic in the US that focuses on the office procedures. We provide more than 40 office procedures in 10 major categories.† We serve the entire Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St Paul) area with 2 offices in Edina and Shoreview. All procedures are performed with the cutting-edge technology in our state of the art procedure rooms.

  • Anorectal care: Hemorrhoid care with Infra-red coagulation (IRC), banding, and hemorrhoidectomy. Anal fissure and fistula treatments with sphinctorotomy and fistulotomy. Anal wart removal
  • Endoscopies: colonoscopy and gastroscopy
  • Vein care: sclerotherapy, mini phlebectomy, and endovenous laser ablation (EVLA)
  • Skin cancer care and other common skin surgery
  • Cyst removal: sebaceous cyst, ganglion cyst, pilonidal cyst, and Bartholinís cyst
  • Breast biopsy: fine needle biopsy and simple open biopsy
  • No-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy
  • Nail fungus laser treatment and ingrown toenail removal and
  • LaserDry or mini excision for the armpit excessive sweating
  • Lipoma removal

Dr. Steven Shu, MD, MBA, is a board certified laser surgeon who specializes in office procedures. He provides a wide range of procedural services above and beyond typical medicine and does numerous office procedures every year. Dr. Shu was an Assistant Professor of Medical School at the University of Minnesota from 2007 to 2012, teaching office procedures to resident physicians weekly.

Over the last decade, Dr. Shu has consistently promoted the concept of procedure-oriented one stop care. He strongly believes in the numerous benefits of office procedures, including the low cost, convenience, efficiency, one stop and high quality care.† He developed all new protocols and standards for the office procedures, thereby distinguishing himself as a specialized surgeon with a vast amount of experience in the office based procedures and surgeries.

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